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12-11-2011, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by KH1 View Post
The Ortiz example is the clearest example of what a double standard the steroid debate is: when popular players (like Papi or Andy Pettitte) get caught everyone's OK with it. When hated players (like Clemens and A-Rod) get caught, they have destroyed the moral fabric of American society and Congress decides to get involved.
Pettite was never overly popular. He was alright but popular is a stretch, especially considering the other players on that team.

Clemens did it to himself, I don't recall them ever being involved with A-Rod but they were/are with Barry. IMO Clemens basically set himself up for when/if he screwed up that he'd get owned because eventhough he was an enormous talent like Bonds he came off as a **** of an individual. What kinda guy throws hardball fastballs at his wife to "practice"?

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