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12-04-2005, 02:16 PM
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Wow what a game.

Very underimpressed by the young Flyer superheros....Carter, Umberger, and Richards.....Richards I thought played the best, but still I expected a lot more.
To those of you that have watched many Flyer games this year how did they compare to other games?

Theiren and Brashear are an embarrassment to the Flyers, the should both be put on waivers....

Got a chuckle when Chris Mason was interviewed right after YP's score. Said he had recently changed his skates and stick in hopes of ending his scoring drought......see NMK....that is all it has been...the stick and the skates....from now on he will skating like Erat and shooting like Kariya....

Had to love Suter's breakout leaving the two Flyers's crashing into the boards.....I'm telling you Suter has one of the quickest first steps on the team. What a rookie season he is having out there....I actually enjoy seeing him stepping out on the ice for critical situations.

Speaking of rookies...I got to hand it to Zanon and Klein...steady, smart play with some surprisingly big hits. I see they both got sent back to Milly last night, especially with no Preds game until Wednesday. They both have to be stoked with their experience with the big club and only want to get another chance to continue to prove themselves. The Preds coaches have to be ecstatic about what they saw.

Anybody else liking Fiddler on the third line and Smithson on the 4th line as much as I am? Fiddler has deceptive speed and has better hands than Johnson. Also I think Smithson brings alot as well. Nichol does have more offensive up side and plays the pest role better, but I am loving Smithson's size and ability to use it.

That was, by far, the best sustained effort of the 1st line of the year. They were flying the entire game. By far, the best line on either team last night. And I think that is just a glimpse of what they are capable of. They are due for a sustained run of quality games.

I thought Hartnell was pretty invisible last night....maybe he had a touch of the flu bug last night, who knows? Was very surprised that Eaton had the third "A" last night instead of Hartnell in Timonen's absence. Maybe Harts is not on the fasttrack to being the heir apparent to Johnny's "C" many around here have prognosticated. Also what does that say about the importance to Eaton of this team? Eaton played a damn good game for also having the flu. Trotzy says the flu bug has had an effect on the team. Damn good homestand if that is the case.

We own the shootout. Just think how Tomas has benefitted from practice with Zids, Sully, and Kariya on the shootout. And how our shooters have benefitted from practice against Mase and Vokoun. We should win 75% of our shootouts over the course of the year, and anything less should be a dissappointment. I can remember at the beginning of the year how the discussion was how poor Tomas was against the penalty shot and what a liability he may be in the shootout....Wow did we underestimate how he rises to the occasion of the challenge. He is having a Vezina candidate type of year. There is no other goalie I would rather have between the pipes than "Must See TV". Those were two unbelievable stones he made on the shootout last night and he is just not letting in hardly any soft goals this year. Almost anything he lets in are on a deflection or a rare rebound.

Overall, great game last night and it is a shame that this is the only game of the is to keeping our fingers crossed that there may be at least 4 more by the time it is all said and done for the year....

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