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12-11-2011, 08:03 PM
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For those unfamilar with Gene Hart's 'Voice of the Flyers' days, I suggest if you can catch the Soviet Army vs the '76 Flyers Game being aired periodically on CSN... or get a hold of the en Greatest Flyers Game DVD and listen to Geno call games.

Gene originally called the TV and Radio in simulcast... so the TV got to hear what the radio people hear... and TV viewers heard what is going on, rather than banter while the play is going on. Hart couldn't dare take too much time off the PBP calling, lest the Radio listeners lose what is going on on the ice... The banter and education was between action filler or crammed into the game call.

In his heyday Gene was able to do the PBP as well as educate and amuse without missing a beat... And he had a ton of knowledge to give... and being a teacher originally by trade he loved to educate. Also for quite a while he had almost a clean slate for an audience when it came to hockey knowledge.

I miss that pure simulcast announcing... and most of all I miss Gene Hart. I believe all this post Hart announcing stems from the PBP man no having to stick to the action and their wanting to entertain rather than educate.

I also miss Dorney's "Stop it there" telestrations... but I'm not going to be to hard on JJ, Jones/Bill and Coatesy; we can do a hell of a lot worse.

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