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Originally Posted by UDnyr92 View Post
Ok that T-Mobile/AT&T merger is obviously because there is a LAW against monopolies, where Sprint and Verizon are just listening to the law. Ok real life SPORTS, which applies much better - the Chris Paul to LA Lakers trade. All the other owners and the commish just decided, oh no, the Lakers will be too good, and its not fair, uh oh. Now look at that backlash and all the criticism that Stern has gotten, with almost everyone saying that that wasn't fair to veto it because one team does better.

Good try though
Actually, no. The reason why the merger deal was denied was because regulators feared that an already shrinking industry would strink even more because Verizon would move to acquire Sprint, leaving just two major cell phone network providers, driving up the price for their services. Even if Verizon didn't do that, it would still raise prices because there would only be three major networks left.

Monopoly lawsuits are brought up by the Department of Justice, it didn't even get to that point because the FCC blocked it right after it was submitted to them. That and they are owned by the league lol. Should just contract the team, make everyone happy.

The main reason the CP3 deal was nixed was because Stern didn't want players to determine where they went while they were under contract and demand a trade.

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