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12-11-2011, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by UDnyr92 View Post
Ya know, I think there's something wrong when BOTH sides of a trade are arguing in favor of their trade, but everyone else in the league doesn't want it to happen. Look, we've both stated our cases in favor of OUR trade together, proving why we both just want it to happen, so why can't you let us manage our own teams? I just don't get it anymore if this trade doesn't go through now...

Oh, and @UAGoalieGuy ... I'm not gonna argue about the government policies. I presented a perfect, and very recent case of this in real life sports that applies exactly to this. Or just avoid it, no big deal.
I did respond to the "real life sports example". The deal was nixed because the league didn't want to let players determine where they want to go while they are still under contract. CP3 said he wanted to go to the Knicks or LA, for the most part, which in turn lowers his value then the team would be able to get if he kept his mouth shut. Also the trade was veto'd because it didn't pass the leagues stress test of "talened young player and/or high draft picks". That I don't get how they can say what types of players need to be included in a trade for a certain player, but whatever, that league has major issues.

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