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12-11-2011, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Also, all these "trade a bottom pairing dman to philly" thread are just plaing rediculous. The guys being proposed in these threads really aren't much of an improvement on Gustafsson, MAB or Marshall and we CERTAINLY shouldn't be trading someone like Simmonds or Voracek for any of them. I've also seem way too many threads where we trade our 1st for a prospect that PROJECTS to be another Matt Carle clone if he reaches his full potneital (2nd pairing PMD with at best average play in his own zone). Why the hell would we give up ANYTHING for those type of prospects when we could just resign Matt Carle for free and still have the better player.

For all you Matt Carle haters out there, I can't imagine just how insane you'd go if some of your "wishes" actually came true and you had to live with your "replacement" for Carle logging the minutes Carle does and against the same opponets Carle does.

When Carle is asked to do just what he is capable of realistically doing he's fine (complimentary piece on the top pairing along side someone like Pronger, lead the 2nd pairing with a strong defensive partenr) but when he's EXPECTED to fill the void left by a Chris Pronger you are going to be sorely dissapointed.
Yeah, Carle isn't my favourite player, but the criticism he gets here at times is a bit over the top. He deserves some credit for the way that pairing has held up as well. Carle-Bourdon as a solid defensive duo, who would have thought that?

As for adding a bottom pairing dman... I hope we won't make any panic trades. What Bourdon (and Marshall) has given us is enough to hold on, and Gustafsson and Lilja ain't too far away from coming back. I doubt we'll make a trade where on of our roster players are moved. A pick and/or a prospect of some sort is more likely. I still feel that a move for a dman might be a good idea, someone who can be a 4/5th guy if needed. Depth on d is always a good thing, and even though Gustafsson, Bourdon and Marshall has done their job so far, we don't really know if they'll hold up down the stretch and in the playoffs.

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