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12-12-2011, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
the lightness gives you better endurance and speed

the stiffness gives you better transfer of power and better edge to ice contact

pretty much what sums up lower quality skates to higher quality ones

usually holder and steel isnt' a big difference, its the boot

if you fit RBK, the 9k's can be had for pretty cheap, I got mine new from Sportchek for $225 CAD and may just buy another pair if they have any
Going from a 1k to anything halfway decent, the holder and steel will make a difference.

And the higher end skates will be comfortable too, and they do help your skating. A lot. I notice the difference between a $300 skate and a $700 one. You may not be at that level, but I would bet good money you'll notice the difference between a 3 year old $50 skate and a brand new $300 one.

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