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12-12-2011, 03:02 AM
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Here is some stuff I learned through trial and error and really just watching hockey. It helps me, so I hope it can help you!
Become comfortable with your position in the net. Visualize where you are in relation to the net and know what is open to the shooter(Harder said than done I know). There are a few ways to do so. Looking at your positioning to the face-off dots and the opposing goalie can help you find your angles. Use your hands to find the post when at all possible. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to do so often, I do it like a tourrets guy on coke. A very large portion of being a goalie is covering your angles. I think of that as one of my foundations, that and your stance.
Keep your eye on the puck, but don't tunnel vision it! Skating out we are taught to look at the players body to know where they will move. As goalies we are a bit different, yes we always want to follow the puck, but I like to keep a peripheral note of the player too, that can sometimes give away his/her intentions. The hardest places are behind the net and through bodies, however proper coverage of your angles can really help you make a stop.
Practice your edges! When I play in net I am always using my edges WAY more than out. Those lateral movements and arching movements really can benefit from it. It also helps with your balance.

Practice and keep confident!

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