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12-12-2011, 06:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Petty implies that I have some personal investment or personal interest or even a personal gain from pointing out that thread. However, I didn't even post in it.
1. Of little importance; trivial.
2. (of behavior) Characterized by an undue concern for trivial matters, esp. in a small-minded or spiteful way.

I think either definition 1 or 2 fits the bill. Nothing about the word petty implies a personal grudge or motive. You are showing "an undue concern for trivial matters" by digging up some post where a stupid person is being stupid, presumably with the spiteful motive of showing how stupid they are. Whether or not they legitimately are stupid has no bearing on whether or not it's petty, as their stupidity is a trivial matter anyway.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
You're just saying stuff to say it now.
Lame. If you possess two firing neurons then it's not hard to see the basis of my comment.

Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It's an entertaining thread to read that not everyone has seen, and it happens to be relevant to the conversation. You however seem pretty bent out of shape over it. Let it go.
What exactly leads you to believe I'm bent out of shape? Before this post I had written all of three sentences regarding this. I hadn't read the thread before, and still haven't. Someone asked a question about what your original post was, so I answered. I'm done talking about this, because your pettiness is itself a trivial matter, which I wish to discuss no further.

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