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12-04-2005, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Love
At the time, no one knew when Roenick and Primeau would return from injury. The Flyers were left with Marty Murray and Jiri Dopita at center. They *had* to make a move.
Irrelivant to the topic of whether the deal was good or not.

Originally Posted by Dr Love
And other teams wanted him too. And yes it does matter if he can never be traded for more than a bag of pucks in the future. If that's the case, you need to trade him when his value is at it's highest.
Lol, once again, irrelivant. I'm not disagreeing that if you're going to trade someone, it's best to do it when his value is at his highest. And back then, Ouellet's value WAS at his highest... they didn't shop him around, or get what his value WAS, back in return in that deal.

Originally Posted by Dr Love
No he wasn't. He had that ceiling, but he was not "sure fire."
I'm not from Philly, I don't live there, don't really care about the Flyers (aside from the fact that I've got Gagne and Forsberg in a pool), and do consider myself quite unbiased in this topic. Back then when he was traded, Ouellet was as close as you could get to being considered a sure fire future #1 goalie.

Originally Posted by Dr Love
And like I said, they got a lot of value back.
Lol. How do you figure? To RENT Adam Oates for the rest of the season and the playoffs, they gave a first, 2nd, 3rd rounder AND Ouellet up. Hell, at the time Oullet ALONE was worth more than RENTING Oates.

Originally Posted by Dr Love
No, you have to do both. You can't evaluate trades just on the day they are made, especially when they involve prospects and picks.
Actually, they are two entirely separate things. And I can demonstrate to you very simply.

What would you say if Washington trade Ovechkin at the end of the year to whoever has the first overall pick next year. You'd say it's a horrible deal. Or if you wouldn't, well, that says a lot right there. But what about if 2 years from now, Ovechkin's doing great, he's getting 100 points per season, every year. But that first overall pick ended up being the best player ever, bar none. His 1st year, he gets 195 points.

Are you going to look back and say hey! The Caps made a great trade!!!! Because they still didn't.

When you look at the trade that's made, you look at it as things were back THEN. Ovechkin gets you first overall pick. Good deal? Hell no. Ovechin can get you a lot more.

Just like back then, they were either drunk or something during negotiations, because Washington got one hell of a deal.

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