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12-12-2011, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
That is the point - that the Avery crowd's fervor is based on emotional attachment to his personality and amusement at the bush league crap that he pulls rather than his actual value as a hockey player.

I readily admit that he played well his first couple of games back and that he had one other good game a week or so back - but other than that, he's been invisible. So, fourth liner that he is, he got swapped out for another fourth liner. Hey, if the team goes stagnant and loses a couple of games I have no problem with him being subbed back in for Christensen in an effort to provide some kind of spark. (Frankly, I don't expect either of the players in question to be here this time next year.) Yet, because he's Sean WWE Avery he's supposed to be afforded some special treatment. The OP is ticked off that he sat; I'm ticked off that there is a contingent of Rangers fans that idolize him as they do.
People love Sean Avery. It is what it is. Not going to change. I try not to let myself get frustrated with how other people feel about certain players. People hated Michal Rozsival to the point that they booed him after he assisted on goals. There's always a certain segment of the fan base that have irrational feelings towards a player. You'll drive yourself crazy if you get caught up in those "arguments" though. Just my two cents.


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