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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Can I ask what type of arch you have? The 703/G3 is my foot profile, but I'm afraid it won't be deep enough at the 5-6th eyelet up from the bottom as I have a really high arch that has made me prone to lace bite in the past. Unfortunately the LHS didn't have the 703/G3 for me to try when I bought the G35's.

I really need a custom. 703/G3 depth up to 4th eyelet. 735/G35 depth from 5th on up.

Also are you in a Narrow or Regular width 703?
I have a relatively high arch and I agree, if I crank them down really tight, I can inflict a little discomfort at the break point about 4 eyelets down, but I've never gotten lace bite from these skates. I am an A/B foot with some freaky abnormalities and I'm wearing the regular width 703s, which are already very narrow. I have noticed that as they've aged and really broken in, they feel a little wider than before and I need to lace them tighter. Still good though and they were incredibly painful to break in. I've tried on the 735s and when I buy new skates I'm going to try on both the 703s an 735s in both a regular and a narrow. My guess is that I should really be in a 735 narrow.

I'll also say that, while Grafs chart shows the 703 and G3 fit the same foot, the 703 boot felt narrower to me and fit my foot better.

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