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12-12-2011, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Knight View Post
I just started playing this fall, and I'm a pretty good skater. Even though I still suck at hockey. The thing is, I'm rolling with a pair of Black/Green Rbk 1k's. (I can't even find these on the internet, I think they're from '07).

These skates don't hurt my feet or anything, they're comfortable (not like perfect, but no pain or whatnot). I'm wondering is it worth dropping the dough to upgrade to a higher level of skates if these are comfy? What's the difference, weight, protection?

What you most likely have is more of a "pond skate" than a hockey skate. Those types of skates are designed for the people who might lace them up a handful of times a year. They should be comfortable because they are designed to be easily broken in and to keep their shape for someone who does not wear them that often. However, if you are planning skating at a high level, with speed and quickness, you should prob. think about upgrading at some point. A hockey skate is designed for the player moving at a high speed and demanding a high level of performance from their skate. Hockey skates have a much stiffer boot, that's harder to break in, because the boot is designed to give you more support, protection, as well as be more response to your movements. The steel on these skates is also superior to what you likely have.

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