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12-12-2011, 10:39 AM
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its like going to a multi-flex composit pro-stock stick... you need the technique to load it and play to a level where you'll benefit from the lighteness of new composite materials

the flex of the boot, as you extend your heel at the end snap is important, but you guys are right... no point unless your technique warrants it, and no point for the weight savubgs unless you're actually moving your feet (where beginners have a tendancy to glide alot)

also full composite upper boots take longer to break in, and are not as comfortable out of the box even with baking.

but... if used properly, are the most important part of the game bar none

& yes, its not like the skates people used in the "old" days were terrible... just heavier
Supertacks, protacks, Bauer 5000s, even the Graf 700 lines are stiff boots made of traditional materials.. just newer is lighter, but may not be as durable.

I'm almost certain most people can never break down a Graf 703 boot... I know people who've replaced blades and holders up to 7 times, and still use the boot

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