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12-12-2011, 10:49 AM
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If we could get a PK going that could score goals regularly, the refs got nothin' on us then.

As for the 1-3-1 PP, I think it's becoming easy to shut down as the point man is the guy to get the puck to the players on the endboards.

At first, I was thinking the way you defend against it was to concede the point, but now I'm thinking that if you disrupt the pointman's ability to move the puck, you've wrecked their PP as they'll probably be afraid to pass it to, or through the slot. If they don't have this fear, or frigging shoot the puck, which may result in a rebound, there won't be time for the opponent's games.

Clark is probably well equipped to be the pointman. He can get it to the net, and is decent enough with the puck not to let it go over the blueline too often (unlike MAB).

So that leaves a short list of guys:
net presence: Malone, Downie, Thompson
left boards (righty shots) Stammer, Connolly, Downie, Shannon, etc.
right boards (lefty shots) Marty, Vinny, etc.
slot players: MAB, Moore, Malone, Downie, Thompson, Vinny
point: Defensemen not named MAB, Ohlund, or Kubina.

It's actually sort of perplexing why we had Marty as the pointman so much. He's got his **** together down low, and he's used to playing the right side, so it should be cake for him to play on the side board.

The whole thing could probably benefit from squishing towards the net a bit more, so there's some room between the point man and the blueline that he can leave or take as he pleases. Making it 'springy' in a way.

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