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12-12-2011, 11:00 AM
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With the talent that he has been given this season and the fact that we haven't come close to moving forward as a team I think TM has nobody but his self to blame for his firing. All coaches face adversity, the great ones know how to use it to their advantage.
Well said (your whole statement was excellent) A coach's first priority is to recognize what he has and use the best tools to put together a solid working plan. Part of that is motivation, time management, adapting to adversity and changes within a game. I don't see TM doing that. I see a player like Richardson in the press box for games where his speed and hustle could have been utilized on the third line. I see Hunter on the PP and dump and chase tactics that don't work. Most of all is the lack of confidence that has been growing on this team for the last few weeks. That comes from the coach.

This team, I think, is a close one who like each other and will play for each other. They have a good nucleus or core players , a good goalie and top defense. But the heart of the offense is the center position. And in Kopi and Richards they have two stellar pieces that wiht the right and complimentary wingers, and a plan that allows them to use their creativity and talent, will put up the points.

A good coach, one who has intensity ,d esire and a hunger for victory will do that.
There are good candidates out there.

At this point, with the cat out of the bag, why prolong TM's pain. It will be an uncomfortable practice today and the media will be firing questions I'm sure. If they are making the move, they should do it now, put Stevens in temporariy and interview in the meantime.

To keep TM around when he's not required, would be a detrement to the team esp the players .

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