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12-04-2005, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by willie
God, get a grip and actually *read* what I'm writing.

First, I didn't say I've never seen him as a pro. I've seen him twice in the 'A' and twice in the show. But, obviously, that is far too small a sample size to have a qualified opinion.

Second, I have NEVER said 'Narch fans know jack about evaluating players. I said I am LEERY about accepting that he played AS BAD (I have little doubt he has played poorly) as many fans suggest. I qualified this by talking about the 'whipping boy' effect which I see in LA regarding Corvo. Now he may very well be fully deserving of all of the negative hyperbole surrounding him but, until I see him repeatedly in action, I have no choice but to play a wait and see game.
Oh well then I apologize. You've seen him play 4-times so you're LEERY about what Monarchs fans say about him, because the L.A. fans bag on Corvo...

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