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12-12-2011, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by johnniewalker View Post
Anyone ever try any of the Stone Vertical Epic series? I was completely unaware that the series existed. I was in Giant Eagle the other night looking through the bombers and they had one called "11.11.11" which is apparently the theme. Each beer is a big, high-alcohol beer from a one-off recipe that they do a small batch of every time a year, month and day has passed since 02/02/02. The idea is that you open it on the next bottling date and drink it.

As I cannot wait over a year to try something and see if I like it, I drank one already. The 11.11.11 was an Anaheim chile infused ale. Very interesting. It had a good flavor, and very strong chile flavor. It was pretty good if you like chiles and would like to try them in a beer.
I've had most of the series since 07, with 09 being my favorite. Couldn't put my finger on what exactly the 09 was, but it had a belgian style feel to it.

This year's is a chile theme? Not my style, but I might know somebody who would be into this. Just tell me it's better than that swill that Cave Creek pumps out that has the chili in the bottle.

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