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12-04-2005, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer
Let's see, in the past few weeks we've (Monarchs Fans) been called Bigots with an obvious bias against Russians, have had the classic whereas it's obvious you know nothing about hockey crap thrown at us and countless other efforts to discredit us and our observations. Now you come in and enlighten us with your whipping boy theory in what appears to be an effort to discount our observations yet again.

Your GET A GRIP comment was a real class shot there willie, CLASS all the way...
*sigh* Clearly this is headed nowhere. I haven't read previous debates, and certainly have not implied of any bigotry or lack of hockey knowledge amongst Monarch fans. Clearly past discussion has resulted in this particularly debate striking a nerve. Perhaps I should have more tactful and said "step back and read what I've written again" instead of "get a grip". For that I apologize.

On the other hand, you have had knee jerk reactions without thoughtfully considering anything I've written. (and, really, I am only arguing that perhaps Grebs has not been quite as bad as the backlash suggests.) I was just throwing out a hypothesis that does carry weight for any team I have personally followed. (from Rafael Araujo on the Raptors to Corvo on the Kings to the quarterback on my high school team. ) Whipping boys rarely get a 'balanced' review from fans and this may, or may not be, the case with regards to Grebeshkov.

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