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12-12-2011, 04:22 PM
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I really like entire telecast. Coatsey is a big minus but how much can they afford to spend on the third wheel? This is a local telecast, they can't go bonkers with the production costs.

I can't imagine too many other teams having 2 national quality guys like Jones and Clement. Jackson is also very good and doesn't oversell things you can see.

Even having Tocchett and Lappy for in between periods on some nights is good.

I wish there was a young up and coming guy they could put in the box to replace Coatsey. Maybe a more recent former player that isn't going to cost too much money for such a small role. Maybe some former AHLers that weren't kaing that much coin in their careers?

Is there a former player still in the area? If someone like Fedoruk was able to express his thoughts in complete sentences that would be a plus.

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