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12-12-2011, 04:21 PM
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Dunno why anybody is surprised by the criticism of JVR... he's whipping boy #1 when it comes to flyers fans on hfboards.

I can't explain why they hate him... I guess a lot of it has to do w/ the fact that he got a big new contract which 90% of our fans declared to be another stupid Homer mistake. I mean sure, he's on pace for 25-25 and his new contract hasn't even kicked in, but who cares? It's too much fun to rip him.

I guess another part of it is that he showed potential in the playoffs and everyone started irrationally thinking "YES, we're going to get this every single night next year and JVR will score 40+ goals!!!!".

Not to say that he couldn't score 40 goals, because he was on that pace before his unfortunate injury sidetracked him, but to expect that out of him @ 22 years of age is a wee bit ridiculous. Especially when he has zero chemistry w/ his linemates.

At any rate, it's all a bunch of hogwash. JVR is pretty clearly not back to his normal self yet after this latest injury (the speed hasn't been there like it was prior to the injury), he has no chemistry w/ his linemates, he's not getting anywhere near the TOI he could/should be getting, and he's still on pace for a 25-25 season @ age 22 (and that's after his pace has slowed considerably as a result of his injury... he was on pace for 35-35 not that long ago).

And don't tell anyone else this, but in 29 games to JVR's 23 games and a heck of a lot more TOI per game, Bobby Ryan only has 16 points (the same total as JVR!!!).

Yes, the Bobby Ryan that every single one (or like 99%) of our fans wanted us to trade for when he was on the block a couple weeks ago.

Apparently, it's OK to hit a slump when you're 24 years old, you've been perfectly healthy, you've been playing alongside Perry and Getzlaf who you've had tremendous chemistry with in the past, etc. In that case, it's OK to have 16 pts in 29 games playing 18:55 per game while making 5.1M per year.

But if you're in a slump and you're 22 years old, and you've struggled w/ injuries, and you've been playing alongside a hodgepodge of linemates who have zero chemistry w/ you, it's not OK... you have no legitimate excuses. Having 16 points in 23 games while playing only 15:51 per game and making only 1.654M is borderline disgraceful.

Screw you JVR!!!! YOU FREAKING BLOW. We should've taken Turris or Gagner or Hickey.

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