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12-12-2011, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
Since the juniors don't play many games anyway they wouldn't be missing out on many senior games.
As we both agree, there should be more games played by junior teams. I like it in certain situations but if it's better for a kid to be playing vs. men, he should be playing vs. men.

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
I've always had good coaches because I came through the Swindon system, which was regarded as one of the best, they've consistently sent teams to nationals. It used to attract a lot players from other clubs to come and play for us, my U18 team that went to the national final in 08/09 only had 7 players (including me) who were actually from Swindon! Their teams aren't doing so good this year though.
I just want to clarify that I don't mean to sound like a dick here lol
Sometimes you think you have a good coach but really what you had was team success. There's a lot more to being a good coach than just going to nationals. I have no idea what the coaching situation is like over there, if it's just parents volunteering or if they have a ton of very qualified and educated people but they haven't had much success (Developing athletes) so I have to think something is missing.

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
I'm a goalie and I play in Division 2, we have a player/coach and I listen to everything he says before games even though I don't need to, and I've learnt so much more about the game and playing strategies just from listening to him. However as a referee I've certainly come across my fair share of bad coaches.
Good to hear youth in GB are getting into refereeing. It teaches you a lot about the game and really gives players a new found respect for game officials lol I say this but in minor hockey I was playing a game and I got in a fight with a linesman who I knew from refereeing

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
The EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) is the governing body that controls everything from EPIHL level and below. You're absolutely spot on, they do seem to be satisfied with the **** job they've been doing, they seem to like just keeping the status quo. Apparently according to their financial accounts, they've got 250k sitting in the bank doing nothing, or so I've heard.
This intrigues me a bit. How can EIHA be sold on changing their system? I'm not asking you directly but you may have some more insight. I know I would have a lot of interest in trying to convince the EIHA in changing their ways lol

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