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12-12-2011, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
When we do something significant in April.
This. Despite the fact that we have been a playoff team 4 of 5 seasons since the lock out, we have won what, 2 playoff series since and have snuck in as a 7th or 8th seed most of the time. Hell last year we had to rely on Tampa winning to make the playoffs.

If we finish high in the standings this year and make it to the ECF, then we will be taken seriously as a contender. Anything after that just cements it further. That is what we need to do IMO.

Also, most around the league don't even know what our real potential as a team is yet, sans our world class top 3 goalie. Hell most of us don't even know if we are playing up to our potential, if there is more to be seen, or if we are playing above our means right now. Do we play even better once Marc Staal comes back? Are we playing way above our element right now and maybe take a step back until Staal comes back? Are we playing at our best level regardless of Marc Staal? Does Staal even have a serious impact on the team with how well we are playing (I think yes).

Alot of unknowns right now. I think don't think we are playing above our level but can we really get any better then what 14-3-1 in the last 18 games? We would all hope so just for the sake of being a fan but with the way this team has fought so far this season and bounced back after losses or even coming close to coming back in the Toronto after being down 3-0, no one really knows. Id say very few of us expected the start we have, even fewer of us expected our defense to play this well sans Staal, and I don't think any one could have expected us to play this well without Staal and Dubinsky having 1 goal.

If some one were to tell us at the start of the season Staal still wouldn't be back after 1/3 of the season and Dubinsky would have 1 goal in 27 games we would say maybe slightly over .500.

Despite being only 23 I can remember watching Rangers games as young as 8 years old with my dad. Just ending the golden cup era and entering the dark era... so at this point I can't remember being a better time being a Rangers fan. I thought Callahan would be a great captain but I never knew he would step it up and have 12 goals so far and be on pace for 36 this year. Girardi playing the most minutes of ANY defenseman in the league over your Chara's and Webers? Double yoo tee eff mate.

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