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12-12-2011, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
The Habs with NO goalie are fighting for 1st overall. But without Price they would play another goalie, say Budaj or Ramo or any free-agent "patch" goalie. The market is oversaturated and the difference between a top 1 goalie and the top 10 is much much more important than the difference between the top 10 goalies and the top 35.

That is to say it gets very important if you're the absolute best at your position, but if you're not, you're pretty much replaceable. Polie is a lunatic for signing Rinne to a 7/7 deal, he's pretty much hoping that Rinne has top3 stats for the entire duration. Highly, highly unlikely.

Price has won ONE PLAYOFF SERIES, has ZERO PERSONAL AWARDS and plays for a defensive team. He's my favorite Hab, I never want to see him leave but he is not worth a 7 million cap hit, not even a 6 million cap.

His next contract should be three years, 13 or 14m (+maybe 1.5m for taxes?). It's all he's done to deserve.
He's is going to play virtually every minute of 70 games, so goes Price, so goes the team.

If any skater is worth 7 million than Price is worth that much.

With that said, I am hoping for 6 years at 5 per or something in that neighborhood.

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