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12-12-2011, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyOnTheSpot View Post
This thread is full of chicken littles. I understand that viruses turned into concussions, but look at the injury: his neck did most of the movement. They're sitting him out and being cautious, second impact syndrome is a big deal and is really coming to fruition as a real big problem (no I'm not pulling this out of my anus, I worked with a shaken baby case and had to learn all this crap).

To me, this is where it stands: they're freaked out because it involved his head, and are going to test him like crazy just in case they missed something, because a second hit could trigger a huge problem (see: Simon Gagne). As of now they're being careful not to ignore it and just let him out there to hurt himself again, so they're playing it super cautious. My money's on a neck injury. Chill the hell out, if he misses 3 months, then we know we were lied to again. But my guess is they're nervous as hell and want 100% proof it's not a concussion.
The head is connected to the neck last time I checked.

Not to mention, he took a flying knee to the head. Everyone who shows concern here has a valid reason to.

As for the bolded, I don't see how that's comforting in the least, it's kind of what a lot of people expect (at least at the lied to part).

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