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Originally Posted by Schooner Guy View Post
I've read it and I've analyzed it. Hickey's facts are correct but this is not a black or white issue that anyone should pass judgment on against a victim of such horrific crimes. Fleury was a complete mess and a lost soul (because of James) when for whatever reason he was part owner of a team that James coached. Are you saying the abuser/victim relationship is clearcut and not complex? Somebody else mentioned David Frost/Mike Danton (there is the entire Brampton Four clan for that matter who have all defended Frost in cult-like fashion). Fleury should also not be called a hypocrite for going after the justice system now instead of doing it when he was in a horrible place mentally as a result of being victim to horrific crimes.

Hickey is showing his age here. He's the one with horrible judgment.
Of course the relationship is complex. The point is that even IF you are a victim, part of the problem is the secrecy. It's not Fleury's fault, not at all, but it's at least his responsibility as an owner (the victim card is strong, but it's just not enough to justify it) NOT to hire James. I know you said his feelings were complicated and you're absolutely right, but I see where Hickey has a point in saying it's hypocritical to blame a system when he himself is part of that system. Otherwise it becomes...systemic. I don't think he meant to sully Fleury, just to point out that EVERYONE must be vigilant in this issue. But I respect all differing opinions.

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