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12-12-2011, 11:41 PM
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Wings fan coming in peace. The commments about sid having another concussion really aren't valid. He did base line testing and it said he was not concussed but after you get a concussion your chances of becoming concussed again are increased. Just because he passed that test doesn't mean he's good to go. The symptoms can linger. I played AAA and travel hockey most of my life. Obviously I wasn't even close to the level that sid is (no ****) but with that being said i suffered many concussions over a brief period of my life. I'm 24 and had 6 documented by doctors in a period of 5 years (can't recal how many were ligit or just getting back into the game too soon). With that being said I can say first hand that after the last one I had which had me in the hospital for 2 weeks of amnesia and not knowing anything it is very scary. My parents tell me every so often that they are amazed at the love i still have for hockey even though i had to give up playing college due to the fact that if you push the limit it can get really bad. I honestly didn't think that his original hit seemed to bad but that is the thing with concussions you can take a full on hit to the head and be fine but some whip lash or a crazy fall could do the same thing. I really feel bad for the guy as much as the media puts him in the spotlight i know deep down inside its probably eating him alive. He is a great play and will be i think he really needs to take more time off. I can say from my perspective i couldn't do a full on workout for at least a year without headaches and blurred vision occuring. 4 years later I can finally push my body to the limit like I could before. I'm not saying he will take that long but I've had more (documented) concussions than sid or at least as he has been in the nhl. God bless the guy and hope he gets back into top form. Time is really a bugger with head injuries.

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