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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post

I never said that TM was entirely to blame for our current troubles but, he is the architect of our teams system and is responsible for preparing the team to play to their fullest potential inside of said system.

TM is also responsible for his coaching staff and their participation in the preparation and execution of this system as well.

Finally, the players are responsible to be in peak physical condition and to do their best to understand the system and then execute it to their own best abilities.

TM failed at every aspect of his job.

Now we will see how well his underlings perform without him and finally we will be better able to see where the holes in a few of our players games lie.

Are you saying that all of our player suck and are responsible for TM being fired? I don't think you are but since you sort of made a sweeping supposition about what I was saying I figured I would give you one as well.

No biggie.
Lombardi built a defense first team and hired a coach to play that style. That is not TM's is Lombardi's.

Lombardi has brought in a weak group of forwards and tried to pass them off a first and second line players. The exception being Richards but he came at a ridiculously high price. Button said it EXACTLY correctly...the wingers on this team are all playing one line too high. Gagne and Williams are no longer first line wingers on a SC contending team. They just aren't and it shows. Brown and Penner are probably better suited to be 3rd liners on a great team. Here they are on the 2nd line...and not doing much.

So do the players suck? well, they are what they are. Lombardi is the guy making the personnel moves and he is failing. unfortunately, too many fans won't step back and access the talent on this team objectively. if they did, they wouldn't be surprised that the team is below .500 this year.

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