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12-13-2011, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by silkyjohnson50 View Post
What separates many NBA and NFL athletes from those in the NHL is that they are typically bigger, stronger, and faster.
This is silly. Bigger, but stronger? In some ways, perhaps. An NFL lineman is going to bench more than your typical NHL center. But that NHL center is going to have much, much stronger fast twitch muscles. And I would be willing to bet that as a whole, NHLers can cream NFL and NBA players in squats and leg presses.

Bodies, muscles and training can be manipulated in many ways, and training is sport specific. If Lebron, Moss and the like grew up playing hockey, they would look much more like hockey players- much smaller upper bodies, much thicker and denser legs. The reason you don't think of NHLers as super strong freaks is because they work out their legs- much less sexy and obvious then big biceps, but much more useful.

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