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12-13-2011, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
Not a fan of TM at all but I predict the next coach will do little better. getting Richards back will help. The kings had back to back 90+ point seasons with TM as the coach. this year, a step back. why? did TM forget how to coach or did the moves Lombardi made backfire?
What moves could have backfired and how?

Richards has been one of our best players and has been a critical part of most of our victories, the guy is nails and I can't see any of that deal as being anything other than fair.

Losing our former lying Smyth wasn't DL's choice but Fraser can play and is doing a good enough job so far.

Letting the very very slow but effective Zuess walk? He just wasn't worth his salary in the end.

Signing Gagne? Alright I guess that hasn't proven itself yet but I am willing to give him a season to shake out.

If we are talking about Hunter and EM then I guess you can call them both to be either somewhat effective or totally useless.

I would have preferred that we bring up our kids to fill our bottom 6 when and wherever possible but will trust DL to judge which ones are ready and when they make their jump.

I think the major difference between us is you feel the way about DL that I have seen in TM over the couple of years.

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