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12-13-2011, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by CodeE View Post,_removed.php

I don't know the details, but to me this sounds like a kid getting drunk, trying to get with a girl at college (they had to have known each other if Trivino knew where she lived), and then leaving when she didn't want him. Now, if he physically hit her or tried to hold her down and strip her this is a different issue entirely, but all the article says is "kissed her without her consent".

I'll reserve my opinion on this until more facts come out. If all he did was drunkely stumble into some girl's dorm room, kissed her and is now being charged with ****, well that's not really fair to this kid. I just need more details before this kid is thrown to the wolves, because I got drunk at college and was rejected by women, but was never charged with attempted **** for drunkenly trying to kiss someone.
After reading that article I agree. I won't defend him, but I know for a fact that most guys in college have done similar things, although if she says no you have to stop. It really seems like this girl was drunk too, and the entire thing COULD be a misunderstanding. I am not saying that is the case, but its a possibility. We will see what happens, but this seems like it could be a misunderstanding.

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