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12-13-2011, 03:30 AM
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I'm pretty sure if Sid received another concussion after the Steckel one, he might have died. Like if you get two concussions in a row in a short time period, that can be lethal.

My take is Steckel concussed him (a severe grade concussion) and the Hedman hit simply caused symptoms to flare up, but that he didn't necessarily sustain another concussion from the Hedman collision.

That's just my completely 100% out of my ass take though as I'm no doctor.

I also doubt he suffered a concussion again recently. I just don't see any hits which could have caused the type of trauma you would think would be required for one. Imo this is just a case of symptoms flaring up from exertion, which is unfortunately something Sid will always have to deal with as concussion symptoms obviously can resurface at any time.

But again, 100% out of my ass take I know nothing about concussions beyond what little I've read online and I could be wrong blah blah blah

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