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12-13-2011, 05:50 AM
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just have someone give you a 'lil boost and ride it out.

all kidding aside though, i think most of the basics have been covered at some point in this thread. but i'd like to emphasize this...

Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Sorry, I was only quoting what Robby Glantz, one of the best power skating coaches in NA, teaches in his clinics. You don't lean back. You get low and wide and stick your butt back. Maybe you were leaning forward too much and your coach told you to lean back to a more neutral position. The worst thing you can do when back skating is to actually be leaning back. I'm a very strong back skater and I can tell you I don't lean back at all. I stay low and wide, butt back, head up and dig my edges in hard.
there's a big difference between 'leaning back' and throwing your center of gravity back. the latter will help you build momentum moving backwards, the former will just make you exceptionally easy to knock on your ass.

finding that balance seems to be the thing that people struggle with the most in skating backwards when they're first starting.

other things i'd add; as mentioned, start with just making strong backwards c-cuts where you have the opposite leg to help support you and keep you in a straight line. and don't hesitate to work on backwards crossovers, as intimidating as it may seem to a beginner, they are invaluable in generating power and moving backwards from a dead stop, and if you can get comfortable with those movements, you will be immensely more comfortable and confident on all of your edges moving backwards.

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