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12-13-2011, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Cognito View Post
Yeah no kidding, it's like we've had the same team since 07-08 with minor changes and expect a different result(The definition of insanity i might add). So what does Mr.Pegula do when he get's to Buffalo? Hires a slick salesmen in Ted Black and keeps everything the same. I won't pull any punches he should of fired both Ruff and Regier and he should stay out of personnel decisions in the future if he wants to make good on his dream of winning a cup.
I disagree completely.

Since Pegula bought the team we brought in Robyn Regehr and Christian Ehrhoff. Two premier defensemen.....oh and Leino....a forward.

The amount of money spent to actually GET those two players are not something the Regier of old would have or could have done. Pegula gave Regier a shot backed by unlimited resources save the salary cap....He added pretty well so far.

Lindy Ruff, I have my doubts about him....The lack of hustle by the veterans is a little disconcerting. However...Pegula was not about to fire him without giving him a chance with some backup from Regier.

So far Pegula has done more then I could have expected, and honestly I WANT him in personnel decisions...he seems like the kinda guy who says "Who him? Yea I want him...Gonna go get him now...see ya when I get back"

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