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12-13-2011, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
This concussion epidemic has surpassed the point of ridiculous.

Are people inherently weaker now? Equipment for ****? Or is it the same as it has always been and they're just being overly cautious with these players now?

On the equipment, its practically the same technology in helmets that has been used since the 70's. Just garbage yellow stained foam on flimsy plastic.

Perhaps the NHL and every league below it should stop worrying about companies feelings, and instate a mandate on the Cascade M11 and VISORS and mouth guards.

They allowed Reebok to monopolize the jersey industry with their STUPID shaped Edge crap.

But they're worried about how many helmets CCM and Easton will sell? When their helmets are obviously not up to par for high level athletes.

Cascade M11 tested higher then any other available helmet in preventing concussions.

ALL players should be wearing them. Visors. And mouth guards. NO EXCEPTIONS.
agree on helmets and mouth guards, disagree on visors.

Visors do not prevent concussions and the amount of facial injuries sustained by players without visors, well for me it's still at the level where it should remain the players choice as to what he wants to do in that regards.

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