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12-05-2005, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by facts
would be fair to say by Hitch's post game comments on the team site that he is not a fan of the shoot-out (see I didn't even notice their team..) Agreed that we did play well enought to win I thought that our shootout selections were odd. Knuble was stoned Gags was just not into it and Richards as cleanup is different. Nitty was excellent all game with the exception of the shootout but his save against perimeter, I mean Paul Kariya was excellent.
1) i agree, i thought Knuble being in there was odd... i might throw Pits in there as one of our top 3.

2) Gags needs another move... he does that same move on EVERY breakaway.

3) you're not going to win too many shootouts against Nashville when they put Sullivan and Kariya out as their first 2 with Vokoun backing them up. just the way it is. what i find interesting is that during the game i was pondering what the shootout is going to do to the standings... it's going to create some paper-tigers, Nashville being one of them. don't get me wrong, they are a good team, but their record is getting a boost from these shootout victories, which is a byproduct of the fact that they aren't the best finishing team in the world. i think they are going to struggle in the playoffs a bit against the elite teams unless they can find a way to be a little more efficient offensively when they take the shootout away.

was a fun game to watch.

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