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12-13-2011, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
My only input on the subject is.............
Sometimes in our push to develop the elite athlete in almost any sport is that we forget that we are talking about kids.
We squeeze the system like a pimple into ever decreasing numbers to give the elites the the top competition at the cost that kids don't have any fun.
In most G-20 countries sports participation by kids is decreasing or stagnating.
When was the last time you just saw kids playing at your local park, rink, pond, court or field playing a game organized by themselves, policed by themselves just for the sake of having fun?
These are the games where kids learn by themselves and develop skills.
Yes coaching and structure is important but are you losing the part where sports should be fun?
End of rant on youth sports.
And by no surprise, when I said good coaches, it was misinterpreted lol

A good coach isn't the guy that leads his team to nationals every year. It's the guy that can make playing the sport fun enough for his players that they stick with it while developing them as athletes and people. I know in Canada, your average minor hockey coach still doesn't know how to make proper use of ice time(practice/games). I remember playing hockey in Canada and during practices we'd spend 3 quarters of the time in lines waiting to do a 15 second drill and while you stand around, you aren't allowed to touch the pucks lol. Who learns from that? They say if you practice like you play then you'll play like you practice so I was taught to stand around and not touch pucks

A lot of coaches still use physical activities as punishment (pushups or laps for making errors). That's so counterproductive lol forcing kids to get stronger or practice their skating against their will isn't going to lead them into an active life style.

So many little things like this go into being a good coach. Your team record doesn't have anything to do with being a good coach at the grass roots level.

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