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12-13-2011, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Habitant#1 View Post
No one's saying Hickey doesn't have a right to write what he he wants.
We're saying what he wrote is ****ing retarded.
"Free speech" doesn't mean people have to accept what everyone else says. Give your head a shake
Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
Free speech needs to be tempered with a little common sense. No one can go around saying anything they want especially in the media who must meet higher standards of law than hfboard users. What Pat Hickey did was tantamount to declaring Fleury an accomplice in James' further acts...that isn't free speech, that is slander. He could have put the gist of his idea in a different light. The way it is now leaves all the blame on the victim for not "dealing" with "it" properly.

And before anyone jumps on me for being "anti" free-speech, keep in mind I've spent 19 years (and counting) in Canada's military.
But what is Hickey saying wrong? He acknowledges the difficulties of living with being abused. The only thing he says that can be argued is Fleury a hypocrite or not? Well how can you say the justice system is flawed because it grants him months free when Fleury himself granted him years of freedom by not speaking up.

I understand the difficulties of speaking up, I will never argue that someone who has been hurt yesterday will be willing to talk about it today. But Fleury should realize that he himself left Graham free by not speaking up, especially in 97 when the case was before court because of Kennedy. I won't go into the whole publicity thing (in todays age any exposure seems to be good exposure). I just don't believe Fleury has the right to criticize the justice system when he himself had an opportunity to aid the justice system almost 15 years ago and didn't. Yes it may of been hard, and as Hickey alludes to he was more then a fringe NHL player but in the end you should criticize yourself before others. Could I of done more? If the answer is yes, well you should keep your comments to yourself and live with the decision you take.

Hickey has every right to discuss Fleury and his actions that he takes in a public medium. Hickey simply called him a hypocrite for saying the justice system is flawed because Graham gets to walk free. If Fleury spoke up years ago, who knows the situation would be like today? (I agree with Fleury being a hypocrite in the situation of today. Do I think it was easy for him then, or even now to talk about what happened? Of course not, but this isn't the issue with the article)

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