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12-13-2011, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
Free speech needs to be tempered with a little common sense. No one can go around saying anything they want especially in the media who must meet higher standards of law than hfboard users. What Pat Hickey did was tantamount to declaring Fleury an accomplice in James' further acts...that isn't free speech, that is slander. He could have put the gist of his idea in a different light. The way it is now leaves all the blame on the victim for not "dealing" with "it" properly.

And before anyone jumps on me for being "anti" free-speech, keep in mind I've spent 19 years (and counting) in Canada's military.
In fact, outside of hate speech, Canadians can say anything they want, especially if it's true. Our legal system builds in possible consequences for people who speak and write untruths.

On your use of the word slander, Hickey didn't declare Fleury an accomplice in James further acts, rather a hypocrit for blaming officials for giving James freedoms that Fleury only recently has shown concern about. There is nothing untrue there, just opinion and proven facts.

It's a true article , it's a fair article. The poster you responded to was not lecturing us on free speech, just wondering as I did what basis anyone has for demanding someone be fired when they write the truth.

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