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12-13-2011, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
The head is connected to the neck last time I checked.

Not to mention, he took a flying knee to the head. Everyone who shows concern here has a valid reason to.

As for the bolded, I don't see how that's comforting in the least, it's kind of what a lot of people expect (at least at the lied to part).
Classic HF rebuttal. Look, the NECK suffered the brunt of the injury due to the whipping. Know why it whipped? So the head didn't suffer such a great impact! You typically see head injuries arising from smoking the dude's head into the glass (which has very little give), or an elbow/shoulder going backwards (where the head doesn't have as much range to move). You can argue it any way you want, and yea of course his head could be injured, but it's not guaranteed that he's concussed and they're hiding it from us. It very well could be, and in my view is most likely, that his neck is just a little tweaked and he'll be fine.

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