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12-13-2011, 10:11 AM
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Hey everyone, Im a bolts fan, been a bolts fan since before their run for the cup in 04(when they got eliminated by the NJ Devils, to be exact). I just signed up for this forum, Im usually on the NHL 12 forum but all the negativity and trolling is too much on there, plus there aren't any Lightning fans besides myself and one other!

Anyways, I think they should move Malone/Purcell/Downie and a pick...for a goalie or some defense. I've said this for a couple weeks, we need a shakeup.

The team is starting to look like OK hockey again(Oren Koules LOL) with the way they are playing.

Rolosons angles and positioning have been terrible all year, when we put Garon in, we can't score, poor guy. Its becoming frustrating again, I thought with SY and company, we'd have a consistent group of guys, competing for the cup for a few years. I have faith that Yzerman will make the right move but you guys know, one magical year and then this "Why does FLA or TB have hockey teams?" debate is brought up again.


thats how I see our fowards.


We need to start calling up some least with the signing of Miettinen, maybe that will wake up the team just a little, maybe enough to muster up another win before Christmas.

I honestly dont know whats wrong, they have most of the guys from last year, same system, 1-3-1 has always been beatable, its about how you execute it, if you want to put in 75%, you'll lose, you need 100% from everybody each night and thats not happening. We need at least one rugged, tough dman like a Bieksa, Zanon, Ference(not saying to get them) a winger who can provide secondary scoring and a goalie who can play in front of Garon. Roloson needs to retire after this year, Im not one of those haters who all of a sudden dislikes him but its best for him, and its best for the team.

Time will tell, I guess.

TL;DR Im a bolts fan, just registered, my overview on the team and what the heck is up with our team?!!!!

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