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12-13-2011, 11:12 AM
Karl Pilkington
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Political correctness is nothing more than a form of modern oppression that keeps you from feeling/saying what you really feel/think. We all have to feel and think the same things you know.. we have a SOCIETY to maintain after all.. we all have ROLES to play...A victim has a role to play as does a predator. We know that questioning a victim is not acceptable. As a society we MUST cast blame on the DESERVING as judged by the norms and modes of our SOCIETY. WE cannot discuss freely and openly in public forums as this goes against our common goal of political correctness and not saying anything that will get a person thinking outside of the norm.. look.. its even called THE NORM.. NORM.. NORMAL.. go outside the norm.. you're a FREAK and must be CONDEMNED.

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