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12-13-2011, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
Some posts in this thread are kind of scary... How can anyone defend Hickey?
I think that's kind of going to the other extreme. There have been sensible posts from people having both opinions. It's not as if Hickey flat out said Fleury is a coward and Kennedy is better and screw Fleury, etc. He was telling a story that many find compelling, but have issue with the "hypocrite" part. Although I was leaning towards understanding what Hickey was saying, it's by no means clear cut in my mind and many posts have made me really think about the situation. I don't think any of us blame Fleury, at the most, it's an issue with the hiring, which can be debated. Either way it is a gray area and really I think a lot of us just wish Hickey had made his point better, since it's not an insignificant subject. The stockholm syndrome thing, you can either accept it as that's what he was going through or have your own opinion of what Fleury should have done (it's simply assumed that he had no mental will at the time of the hiring, but it may not be the case, we don't know). Hopefully a clarification will come out of this, but seriously, Pat Hickey is not Glenn Beck or even Jack Todd FTM. Calling for his firing isn't really warranted. Messy piece, yes, but worthy of him being fired, no way. There are way more offensive things being said in public, by public officials and in other newspapers. This is just a touchy subject and can be remedied by a follow up.

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