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12-13-2011, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Because he makes some good points, even though they are unpopular ones? I actually don't care for his articles, never have, but he brings up some good points about Fleury.
For me I could care less what either of them said. What bothers me is how people react.. they don't see for themselves.. they hear "child molestation" cover their mouths in disgust and don't even think about what's actually happened. To truly imagine something like that stirs deep sickening emotions. Most people tend to numb those out so when it comes to subjects like these they go with the common feeling, not their own.

This is a hockey board yes, but this is sociological condition of our world that has to change. Where has the feeling gone? Are we all really so numbed out by our TVs and Ipads we can't feel anything real anymore?

Both Fleury and Hickey wanted to get a little something for themselves from this.. that's what's actually disgusting. Fleury's pride in overcoming this.. no.. Fleury, if you ever want to get over this you wouldn't have any pride at all.. pride is nothing more than a warped form of guilt.. it has the same features, it's just a different perspective of the same thing. We all take so much pride in our opinions, our suffering.. why?

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