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12-13-2011, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
In fact, outside of hate speech, Canadians can say anything they want, especially if it's true. Our legal system builds in possible consequences for people who speak and write untruths.

On your use of the word slander, Hickey didn't declare Fleury an accomplice in James further acts, rather a hypocrit for blaming officials for giving James freedoms that Fleury only recently has shown concern about. There is nothing untrue there, just opinion and proven facts.

It's a true article , it's a fair article. The poster you responded to was not lecturing us on free speech, just wondering as I did what basis anyone has for demanding someone be fired when they write the truth.
Canadians can say anything they a certain limit (see Human Rights Tribunal). A journalist cannot, due to those "consequences" you mentioned.

Some may question Fleury's motives...but how many feel the justice system is in need of some changes when it comes to punishments (I know my brother who is a cop wants harsher terms for these parasites).

And there are better ways to question his motives.

Also, if he's calling Fleury a hypocrite than I guess that Joe Sakic and every other player on James’ teams that have never come forth with an ounce of nerve are also hypocrites.

Edit: Agnostic, I do appreciate your discussion on this as well as being very much on point and respectful...a rareity in this day and age

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