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12-13-2011, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Habitant#1 View Post
My issue with Hickey's article, and I believe many people's as well, is that while Hickey acknowledges the difficulty a victim faces when trying speak up, he fails completely in understanding the extent of that difficulty. I've worked with victim's of abuse briefly, this hardly makes me an expert, but I learned enough to realise that the extent of the psychological trauma is gigantic. This is something that happens to kids, and they go through adolescence living with it. Adolescence is when you develop a sense of self, and having that corrupted by abuse is damaging to the highest degree. Ghost's post articulates this very well.
It's not just extremely difficult for a victim to speak up, sometimes it's downright impossible, even regardless of courage.
So Hickey declaring Fleury a hypocrite because 'he could have spoken up sooner' just flaunts his ignorance on the subject. A journalist shouldn't denounce a person pubically based on facts made up in their mind.

Edit: Sorry, I don't mean this post to look like I'm picking on you or anything! You're just the person that happened to have replied to me. I'm just trying to explain to some people that it's not a question of speaking up 'being hard' or a question of 'cougrage' or 'mental strength' or 'fortitude' or any other term like that. It's like saying a depressed person is depressed because they're weak. Mental illness is just that, and illness and has little to do with strength of character.
No worries, a discussion amongst peers is something we can all appreciate.

I agree with you. No way do I believe it is easy for anyone who is a victim of a traumatic experience to be able to speak up a day, a month, a year later. If someone confided in me something like this, I would never pressure them to go to the police although I may suggest it. Going to the police can be very difficult considering they will have to re-live the moment when they have to describe in detail the event.

However this doesn't absolve the issue of the article. Is Fleury a hypocrite for announcing that the Canadian Justice System is at fault for giving Graham more free time? I could agree if anyone but Fleury said it. But this isn't the issue. The issue is Fleury himself said it. The man who could of helped put Graham away years ago, who choose to be silent. (yes I understand why) In my mind he can not call out the justice system.

Originally Posted by PyrettaBlaze View Post
Some posts in this thread are kind of scary... How can anyone defend Hickey?
Read above

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