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12-13-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
Hickey is part of the problem by the way. Was anyone listening or writing hundreds of stories when Kennedy came forward, did anyone really care all that much.

The media blew up when a big name player like Fleury came forward. How many people pay attention when a doctor messes up and someone ends up dying, how about when that person is Micheal Jackson.
Yes because no one cares about joe shmo, this is Hickey's FAULT...

I am no Hickey apologist, I never even liked his articles. The man has a point. I am not sure if it's because some don't know how to identify the true nature of an article, but this is scary. All he does he say that Fleury had a chance to help the justice system and didn't. How can he criticize now when the justice system depends on the victims to come forward? I just don't agree that everyone can jump on Hickey for calling him a hypocrite, because I agree that he is.

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