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12-13-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by nTsplnk View Post
I can't believe people on here still question the severity of Sidney Crosby's concussion last year and his subsequent symptoms.

The fact of the matter is it may take Sid two to three years to return to form.

As long as Sid is out this team will suffer. He needs to go on IR if he isn't even practicing.
Settle down.

I've had 2 concussions and can tell you from personal experience that it takes time for your brain to heal, but I am not going into a panic state like you and others. I said long before his comeback that there would be times he experienced symptoms and would probably sit out a number of games this season - low and behold.

Simply put this isn't anything I didn't expect.

I have a feeling Crosby could play though this latest setback if he chose to (and probably would have 5-10 years ago), but he is being smart and telling his doctors of any symptoms he has. He is being extremely intelligent about this.

Once you have been concussed, you learn not to blow off a headache or dizziness like you would have in the past - trust me. It isn't unusual to take a blow in a game and have a headache, feel dizzy, etc and not be concussed. It doesn't always have to be a blow to the head to cause these symptoms either.

I feel pretty confident that Crosby has had headaches and dizziness after a game throughout his career, but ignored it. It happens to just about anyone who plays the game at a competitive level. But he is more aware of these things now and being extremely cautious.

That is exactly what you want him to do. Unfortunately he has the media and fans going into drama queen mode, so it puts more pressure on him to hide things, which thankfully he isn't doing.

If anyone thought he would come back and not have any setbacks, you had your head in the clouds. It is a process and it is a roller coaster - try to keep the drama to a minimum.

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