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12-13-2011, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Killer Whale View Post
A trade war for Jagr doesnt include prospects and current players such as Brenden Smith and Nick Leddy. Jagr upside compared to them is .01%

Sure Jagr is still a good player and can easily be on anyones top six, but by no means are the RW and Hawks stupid enough to let Smith (Wings best prospect/ next lidstrom) and Leddy (hawks future #1 d man) go for Jagr...The proposal itself is just asinine

The Wings (given their past trading historty) could consider this trade tho:

To Philly: Dan Cleary / Jiri Hudler / 4-7th rd
To Detroit: Jagr

That is something the Wings would consider ***if*** Jagr was guarenteed to play after this year and if he were to sign a 1-3 yr deal with the Wings...Thats upside for both teams as Cleary/Hudler would be a good addition to your squad....

Dont get me wrong, I like where your head is at when it comes to making your team better but trading Jagr right now for one of the players you mentioned won't happen. Besides if it did, David Stern would come in and nix the deal
Please, don't patronize us with a proposal this bad. Hudler and Cleary would be good additions to our squad? Really?!? We have more depth than you guys do:


Hmm, that's odd... even without Jagr, I don't see any room for Hudler or Cleary in our top 9 next year.

I agree that the BRENDAN Smith (you'd think a real Detroit fan could at least spell the "next Lidstrom's" name correctly) proposal was a little ridiculous, but your counter offer is even worse. Jaromir Jagr would be arguably your best winger and he would definitely be playing on your #1 line. Franzen-Datsyuk-Jagr wow that's some scary stuff right there.

If you don't like the original proposal of Smith for Jagr, that's fine... just say that. You don't need to come in here and post an equally bad proposal in the Red Wings favor.

Jagr isn't being moved anyway.

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