Thread: Prospect Info: Corey Trivino Arrested
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12-13-2011, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ScaredStreit View Post
Ok you're taking the article, and what the DA said out of context.

"pushed his way into the room of a female student at 10 Buick St. and started kissing her and fondling her against her will.

"pushed" =/= followed (and even following can be creepy).

And there's a big difference between fondling, and trying to kiss somebody, actually I didn't see "kiss without consent". Not to mention it was serious enough for him to be thrown off the team.

Now I'm all for being innocent until proven guilty-but let's not blame the woman here. I doubt if she claimed he tried to kissed her and she threw him out the police would have arrested him.

Oh and I went to college, and believe me when I say I used to get drunk and party a lot. I never once "fondled" a girl who didn't want it, or said no. That's ridiculous and there's no excuse for it.
It all honestly depends on the extent of the "fondling". Again, if he simply tried to kiss her and maybe grab her butt or something, she pushed him away and told him to get out, that's one thing. If he kept fondling her after she said no, well that's a lot more serious. The problem is, nobody here knows what happened except Trivino and the girl, and that can turn into a "he said she said" game.

Anyone remember the old Chappelle's Show skit about The Love Contract? Chappelle gets a lady into bed but first makes her sign tons of paperwork stating, on the record, that everything is consensual so he can't be charged with ****. That's what kills me about "kiss without consent" (which was quoted in the college hockey news article) - you're not supposed to ask a girl for consent, you're supposed to kiss her and see what happens. I mean, there's a reason the Little Mermaid song is called "Kiss the Girl" and not "Ask the Girl's Permission to See If She's Comfortable With You Kissing The Girl".

Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
Oh, and I also would like to add that whomever brought up the Mark Sanchez article... interestingly he was involved in that incident with the female reporter where she felt uncomfortable in the locker room one day. That's a pattern...
Do you have any proof he was the one making lewd comments? I checked a few articles and the female reporter was there to interview Sanchez, but it never says he was one of the players that made her feel uncomfortable.

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